§  Purchasing

We purchase the products and service as required by our customers.  We buy directly from reputable manufacturers and distributors in South Florida and throughout the United States.  Our company presence in the United States and our experience in locating the right sources, provide our customers with advantages to find the best product at the best price.

GlobalQuesters can do either of the following:

a)      Purchase the products directly from a distributor and resell it to the client.

b)      Purchase the products as specified by the client from a specific distributor.  The advantage is to save the client money by leveraging our experience in negotiation, purchasing, and processing procedures.

(Purchasing prices and commissions are negotiated in advance to ensure mutual understanding and fair trading).  

§  Consolidation, Loading, and Shipping

We have established close working relationships with several freight forwarders as third party consolidators.  We contract discounted warehousing and shipping rates as frequent users. 


§  SGS Inspection and Certification

We work directly with SGS North America main office in Miami and we prepare all required documentations and paperwork for inspections and final certifications.

Products we Purchase: 

ü  Food & Beverage

ü  Supermarket & Restaurant Equipment

ü  Health & Beauty Care

ü  Construction Materials

ü  Warehouse Equipment

ü  Electronics

ü  Medical Equipment

ü  Personal Items

ü  Any other products as specified by our clients






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